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From at home routines to training at the gym, take fitness anywhere you go. The Cable Cross Covered Resistance Bands are an extremely lightweight and portable fitness solution. Resistance tubes can be used for a comprehensive full-body workout that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body. Additionally, the Cable Cross Covered Resistance Bands feature two carabiners that can be used to do even more than the standard resistance band. Enjoy workouts like cable crossovers and flys as an alternate workout to a home or commercial gym routine.

Health Benefits

Look and feel your best. Resistance bands work muscles, including the stabilizers, more effectively than free weights and machines. This means increased efficiency and a healthier you. Resistance bands not only burn fat and help you lose weight, but they can provide an amazing cardiovascular workout and improve range of motion. They also help with ongoing rehabilitation programs as they provide a low resistance alternative to traditional weight lifting.

Using the bands to do crossovers and flys will tone and target the chest and core. The major advantage of the cable crossover is it allows shoulders blades to move freely, which causes less stress to your body. Making it a great alternative to commercial or home gym routines.

Sleeve Detail

A close look at the durable cover on the Northern Lights Cable Cross Covered Resistance Bands. It protects your tubing from dirt and damage. It also protects the user in the event the tubing were to break by keeping the tubing inside the sleeve.

Carabiner Detail

The Cable Cross Covered Resistance Bands feature two carabiners. The carabiners can be attached to any stationary point, like a power rack, and be used as an alternative to cross cable workout equipment without the need to tie-off and potentially damage resistance tubing.

  • 5" Wide plastic handles
  • Durable tubing sleeve (32" per band - 38" total per band)
  • 2 attached steel carabiners
  • Portable - Use at home and the gym!
  • Comes in a variety of sizes for all fitness needs
  • Great alternative to cable cross machines
  • Commercial tubing

Available in 6 color-coded resistance levels:

Resistance Color
 Extra Light  Yellow
 Light  Green
 Medium  Red
 Heavy  Blue
 Extra Heavy  Black
 Ultra Heavy  Grey



One year on manufacturers defects

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Northern Lights Cable Cross Covered Resistance Bands, Heavy


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