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The Octo Web Agility Rings are designed to aid in coordination, balance, quickness, foot speed, stamina and more. The rings are easy to set up and snap into almost any desired configuration the user desires. This allows for athletes, amateurs and beginners to train their calves, quads, hamstrings, thighs, glutes, and hip flexors for increased performance. The rings can be used for hopping, shuffling, jumps, zig-zag runs, and more for a well-rounded workout.


Design Your Fit

Using a simple snap-in bracket, the rings easily piece together to create any course / configuration you desire. Best of all, it's completely expandable, as well. The more rings you have, the bigger the configuration you can create. The rings can also be position upright like a tent to use a hurdles. 


The Octo Rings allow for dynamic agility routines that are fun and challenging at the same time. Here are some examples:

  • Set up the rings in a straight line to simulate a traditional agility ladder 
  • Create a hexagon and have athletes jump using one foot or two
  • Create two rows of rings to help stimulate quickness and foot speed 



  • Six (6) Octo Web Rings
  • Rings measure 22" x 19.5" (56cm x 49.5cm)
  • 5 black connector clips included
  • Low profile, impact resistant material
  • Aids in training cardio, agility, power and speed
  • Can be configured in numerous different layouts
  • The Octo Rings fold away for storage and portability


  • Six (6) Octo Web Rings
  • Rings measure 22" x 19.5" (56cm x 49.5cm)
  • 5 black connector clips included
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    90 days on manufacturers

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