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The new Pro Power Package turns an everyday gym into a fully functional cross training area.  Perfect for home gyms and facilities, It's everything you need to help you do everything from Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting to kettlebell work, rings, wall ball catches, jump rope, and much more. We know that setting up a new training area can be difficult, so we've bundled all of our favourite products for fitness athlete's of all type. You'll be getting the results you have been searching for, all while using quality equipment.

Best of all, by purchasing this package, you're not only saving money, but also valuable time where you could be getting another rep in!

(1) 275lb Pro Bumper Plate Set

This package has everything a new lifter will need to start their training regimen. The 275 lb Olympic Bumper Plate Set pairs a 1500lb tested bar (complete with dual knurl marks) with a 230lb set of Olympic bumper plates (2" center hole diameter) and a set of spring collars.


(1) Round Vinyl Kettlebells Set

Durable, resilient and perfectly designed, the traditional Round Vinyl Coated Kettlebells will provide explosive workouts that can train the entire body.

This set contains:

  • 1 x 20 lbs
  • 1 x 30 lbs 


(1) Ab Mat Pad

The abdominal support mat fills the space between your lumbar arch and the floor to support the spine so more of the abdominal region is activated and targeted during sit-ups.


(1) Wooden Rings, w/ Indexed Straps

Designed for fitness and strength training, they are extremely strong, durable, portable, and incredibly versatile. This makes them perfect for bringing the world of gymnastics strength training into your own workouts at the gym, at home or even outside! 


(1) Adjustable Wire Speed Jump Rope

The Adjustable Wire Speed Jump Rope includes tapered, 6.5” rotating aluminum handles with knurlings for a reliable, non-slip grip. The coated 3mm diameter (118” in length) cable is optimized for both speed and durability. 


(1) Ballistic Nylon Wall Ball, 20 lb

The new heavy duty Northern Lights Wall Balls can be used at home, in commercial gyms or in CrossFit boxes. Made from heavy duty nylon, this durable product will enhance your fundamental fitness routine.



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