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Vicore Elite Core Chair - Home Use


The Vicore Core Chair, with its unstable surface, offers benefits that traditional benches cannot. By requiring your core to transfer energy throughout the body, it also develops better balance, coordination, posture and physical stamina, all in addition to sculpting the target muscle groups.

The Core Chair is an adjustable DUAL body-link air suspension system links extremity muscles and core muscles. It will cause the average person to reach total muscle fatigue almost 35% faster than with traditional workout benches. 

Recommended for Shoulder Presses, Seated Fly, Seated Bicep Curl, etc. The number of exercises which can be done is almost unlimited.

It also includes hooks that can be used for resistance bands, offering more exercise variations!

Vicore Fitness, innovators of Soft Surface Training, was awarded the prestigious Ztoty Gold Medal for outstanding quality and exceptional innovation.



  • DUAL body-link air suspension system.
  • Easy transport wheels and rubber foot pads that are safe for all floors.
  • Commercial grade steel and construction.
  • Colour: White Frame with Burgundy surface



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