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The Almighty Dumbbell!!!

Requiring little space compared to barbells, dumbbells are an excellent choice for anyone beginning the journey into fitness and are also fantastic for advanced users looking to up their game.

Dumbbells allow you to build and strengthen your entire body with an almost endless array of exercise choices. Using dumbbells also allows you to train one side of your body at a time. Because each limb moves independently, your core has to brace even harder to prevent you from tipping and rocking. Your core will be defined and toned in no time.  


  • One-piece solid steel head design, encased in urethane offers accurate weight and precision balance
  • Compact design makes urethane solid steel dumbbells much easier and safer to handle
  • Solid Steel Heads:
    • Precision drilled and bored to ensure close tolerance
    • No bolts or plates
    • Heads will not come loose or rotate
  • Urethane Encased:
    • Two-colour end cap with embossed easy to read weight markings
    • Durable urethane will not crack or fade
    • Encased with a durable hard shore urethane
  • Diamond pattern knurl Handles
  • Available in 5 - 100 Lbs
    • 2.5Lb increments from 5 - 30Lbs
    • 5 Lb increments from 30 - 100Lbs
  • Sold individually



  • Construction: One-piece, solid-steel cast with steel-head design encased in a highly durable urethane
  • Handle Diameter: 34mm
  • Grip Area: 5"
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Sold Individually


Residential Warranty:

  • 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects*

Commercial Warranty:
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects*

* Drops void warranty

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