Product Description

The Olympic 500Lb Bar is a polished 28mm bar that features powerlifting knurling marks and a center knurling. 

The 28mm Olympic Bar is 500lb weight tested and features tempered and hardened chrome. The bar also includes high quality plastic bushings for a reliable spin. There are single Olympic knurl marks (with center knurlings) and a 15.4"  chrome sleeve design—making loading plates on the bar easy for all users.




Knurling Detail

Olympic knurl marks found on the 500lb Rated, Olympic Bar.


Bushing Detail

The High Quality Bushings allow for a reliable spin and cost-friendly alternative to bearings.



  • Overall length - 86"
  • Plate sleeves - 2"
  • Grip area - 52.5"
  • Grip Diameter - 28mm
  • Weight - 17.7KG(39LB)
  • Heat Tempered / Hard Chrome
  • 500LB Tested
  • Plastic Bushings




Bar Weight: 17.7KG (39LB)
Diameter: 28mm
Shipping Weight 39LB
Grip Area Length: 52.5"
Loadable Sleeve Length: 15.4"
Knurl Mark: Single
Center Knurling: Yes
Bushing/Bearing: Plastic Bushings
Tensile Strength: n/a
Weight Tested: 500LB


*No warranty

Product Reviews

Great bar for bench
Reviewed by: Matt
I've had this bar for about 6mo now, it seems totally worth the price. I use it strictly for bench press and for that, it works perfectly. Haven't noticed any issues this far. Has been a worthwhile purchase up to this point
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Olympic Bar, 7' ,Made in China, no warranty
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