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30 million $ plus of Inventory In Stock

Fitness Depot is the largest Specialty Fitness retailer in Canada.

At Fitness Depot one of our key mission statements is that we "Always try to have all inventory sku's in stock". With more than $30,000,000.00 in stock today, Fitness Depot has made the commitment to you our valued customers, to keep in stock the fitness equipment and fitness accessories products you want!

Occasionally we do run into situations where Fitness Depot is "out of Stock". This is always a supply chain issue. Fitness Depot cannot control external factors beyond our control including strikes, raw material supply shortages, logistics delays/issues, etc.

At Fitness Depot we are passionate about exercise, health and fitness and strongly promote living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. When we make bold statements such as "Always Having all Inventory sku's in stock at all times" we do so with the belief and determination to do whatever it takes to meet this strategic business objective. It's just one of many reasons why our customers keep coming back again and again!


2300 + Product Choices

Impressive yes, and growing daily. At Fitness Depot our mission is to make sure we have the most relevant fitness product choices anywhere. Our buyers spend many months of every calendar year travelling the globe in search of fitness products. New trends, better pricing, quality control and overall product improvements/innovations are just some of the key objectives during these product sourcing trips.

The exercise and fitness industry continues to evolve and change rapidly. Fitness Depot is fully committed to making sure that we stock and sell the best variety of fitness equipment and fitness accessories available.

As our valued customers we appreciate and want your feedback and/or input. If there are specific fitness or exercise products that we do not carry, let us know. Fitness Depot sources and adds new product sku's to our extensive product line up on a daily basis. If we missed a trend or product innovation then please email us today

Friendly and Knowledgeable Fitness Consultants

At Fitness Depot our in store sales associates and store managers are a key and vital component of our organization. Our fabulous people are what clearly differentiate Fitness Depot from every single competitor. At Fitness Depot we kid ourselves with the belief that our people "bleed purple and yellow". What we are really saying with this statement is that our people are fanatically passionate about fitness, health, living a healthy lifestyle and yes they do like to sell.

All of these attributes make the Fitness Depot sales associate the "right" person to speak with when you come to shop and explore at our Fitness Depot stores. No matter the unique or specific fitness goal you desire, the Fitness Depot sales associate will work with you to find a solution that suits your specific fitness workout goal requirements. The Fitness Depot sales associate is here to help explain the how's, what's and why's of fitness today. Exercise and fitness is constantly changing and evolving, the Fitness Depot sales associate is here to simplify your healthy lifestyle choices.

At Fitness Depot we look forward to spending quality time with our valuable customers. Our well trained fitness experts will make sure that all of our customers have a fantastic shopping experience with an emphasis on making sure you pick the right exercise and fitness products to successful accomplish you own personal fitness goals.

That's why it’s always "A Great Day at Fitness Depot".