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Advance your fitness level with cushion coated Cardio Bars. Ideal for strengthening your core and toning arms and legs. Each bar has a color-coded end cap for easy weight identification. The solid steel bar is encased in a cushioned foam providing a secure, comfortable grip throughout your workout. This versatile fitness tool is great for beginners and even advanced users!

Health Benefits

Cardio bars offer great overall stability and are an excellent alternative to traditional dumbbells due to the distribution of weight. Cardio Bars are also perfect for strength training, balance and flexibility. They are great for resistance workouts, squats, and lunges. They make for a challenging yet effective workout.


  • 12lbs
  • End caps are color-coded by weight
  • Steel bar encased in a cushion
  • Perfect for beginners to veteran atheletes

Available in 7 color-coded weights:

Weight Color
 6lbs  Pink
 9lbs  Yellow
 12lbs  Green
 15lbs  Red
 18lbs  Blue
 22lbs  Purple
 27lbs  Grey




  • 2" green end cap
  • 12lbs
  • 48" in length
  • Steel bar encased in cushion
  • Perfect for training, balance and flexibility


90 days on manufacturers defects

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