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Have Fun, Stay Active & Burn More Calories!

Do you spend large portions of your day sitting down on an office chair? Are long office hours or long study periods making it more difficult for you to make it to the gym or get a workout in? Then we've got just the product for you...the Hula Chair. The Hula Chair allows you to remain active while sitting. The chair forces you to engage your core muscles to stabilize your entire body and prevent the chair from wobbling all over the place as you rotate your waist round and round in either direction. Over time, this will lead to improved posture and flexibility. Engaging your core constantly will also give you the added benefit of burning extra calories.

Finally, the Hula Chair features a motion lock/unlock switch enabling it to double up as a normal office chair whenever you don't feel like working out.  





  • Promotes non-sedentary sitting
  • Challenges your core stability and balance while improving your posture
  • Comfortable padded seat with metal base
  • Motion lock/unlock switch, enables the chair to double as a normal office chair
  • Super light, weighing less than 10lbs total (9.68lbs) 
  • Perfect for anyone who sits in front of a desk or a computer for long periods of time
  • Fun to use 
  • Burn calories while working or studying




  • Seat dimensions:  13.25" inches in length  x 12" inches in width
  • Total chair height: 20.5" inch
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Motion lock/unlock switch
  • Weight: 9.68lbs 


90 day warranty on manufactures defects

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