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The Black Olympic Swiss bar provides multiple different grip widths for a variety of pressing and rowing exercises. It is ideal for anyone looking to add variety and challenge into their training routine.  

The Black Olympic Swiss bar measures 83" in length, has a total width of 7.5" and weighs in at 25lbs. The sleeves measure 15.75"—making loading plates on the bar easy for all users..



Knurling Detail

Knurl marks found on the Black Olympic Swiss Bar.



  • Overall length - 83"
  • Plate sleeves - 2"
  • Grip area - 51"
  • Grip Diameter - 25mm
  • Weight -11.4KG(25Lbs)
  • 3 varying grip widths; 6, 14, and 22" centre to centre.

BBOSWBH Olympic Swiss Bar



Bar Weight: 11.4KG (25LB)
Diameter: 25mm
Shipping Weight 25LB
Grip Area Length: 51"
Loadable Sleeve Length: 15.75"
Knurl Mark: Knurled Grips
Center Knurling: n/a
Bushing/Bearing: No
Tensile Strength: n/a
Weight Tested: 300LB


2 year against manufacturer's defects.* 

*Using the bar in an abusive manner will void the warranty.

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