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Northern Lights Decline Olympic Workout Center Bench


Product Highlights

ManufacturerNorthern Lights
Country of OriginCanada


The Northern Lights Decline Olympic Workout Center Bench offers the ultimate in adjustments and quality for any athlete. No matter your size, workout preferences, or available training space, this heavy-gauge steel workout center bench is the perfect addition to any gym.

The bench offers a wide range of features for users to adjust. With various incline levels ranging from flat to 90°. This is achieved with a moveable stopping bar. The workout center bench can also be combined with a variety of optional attachments, which allows you to save space and add even more functionality to your bench, making it a great alternative to traditional workout center benches.

The sliding base of the bench can extend the bench from the 60° incline to its full 90° incline. This is done with a pull pin lock system. The bar hooks are also adjustable with a pull pin system. The adjustable height extends from 34" to 59" from the floor. 


  • Adjusts from a 15° decline to 90° upright
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Ergo-Tech Padding
  • Charcoal Powder Coated Finish


Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty against broken welds and manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality


    (Posted on 2/1/2016)

    a reliable utilitarian set

    i've had one of these since late 2010 and have used it plenty and never had any problem with it. i've taken it apart and put it back together a few times too and still it holds together and it's reliability is very good. don't make the mistake i made though of tightening the nuts and bolts too tight as i created a circular depression into the bottom horizontal bar where the bolts are inserted and also warped the washers too so much that they are pretty dome shaped now.
    like i said reliability is awesome but this is definitely a utility set built with only function in mind there is hardly anything comfortable, pleasant and eye pleasing about the set but it definitely gets the job done. also has room for attachments that insert in the vertical post directly forward of the butt pad.
    it's fun to use on a decline setting for a bench press and can also be used as a incline setting but the the maximum height at which you can set the side posts to rest the barbell is a little lacking to me and make it effectively difficult and slightly unsafe in my opinion when picking up and setting the barbell while sitting on a higher incline.

Product Highlights

ManufacturerNorthern Lights
Country of OriginCanada

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