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Expand your fitness training with the Northern Lights CrossBox X-2 Small Corner Unit, 90". It is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to start a gym or add onto an existing gym layout. The Corner CrossBox Rig is fully customizable with any of our CrossBox pieces and can function as an evolving gym centrepiece as you progress your training regiments or facility needs. The unit is diverse enough to function as a solid workout centre for all users and as the perfect storage solution for any facility.

The CrossBox X-2 Small Corner Unit, 90" is a high-quality piece of equipment that will satisfy athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors. Take advantage of one of our best package deals yet and get started on your fitness routine today!

(1) CrossBox Corner Storage Rig Kit, Small

The Northern Lights Small CrossBox Corner Storage Kit is the perfect choice for keeping your equipment organized, without sacrificing your workout area. It acts a central storage system and can expand to double as a workout station to meet any facilities needs. 


(1) CrossBox Corner B Kit, 90" Upright, 18"

The Corner B Kit upgrades the height of your storage posts to 90". 


(2) CrossBox Storage Rack Posts, 72", Pair

Measuring 2" x 2" x 72" with a 4" x 5.5" foot panel, this storage post is perfect for garage gyms, studios and even commercial applications. 


(2) Upright, 90" w/ floor pad

The standard 2" x 3" upright for the CrossBox collection.


(1) CrossBox Single Bar, 43" x 6" - 1.25"

The CrossBox Single Bar 43” x 6” – 1.25” is the ideal bar for pull-ups and gymnastic workouts. This CrossBox unit features a 1.25" diameter bar that is sure to challenge and improve grip strength.  It is finished with a charcoal powder coat and crafted from heavy gauge steel. 


(2) CrossBox X-bar, 43" Fat/Skinny - 1.25" & 1.5"

2 pull-up bars in one. The Fat Skinny Bar measures 43" wide and has a standard 1.25" diameter pull-up bar on one side and fat 1.5" bar on the other. It is an excellent way to train grip strength and challenge your typical pull-up routine. 


(1) CrossBox Dumbbell Shelf, 70"

Get your dumbbells organized with the CrossBox dumbbells shelf. Using the CrossBox storage posts, never has it been easier to set up a completely modular storage system. The shelves are bolted on the posts to a position that best suits your needs. 


(3) CrossBox 70" Double X-Bar/Shelf - 1.25"

The Double X-Bar/Shelf measures 70" wide and has a two standard 1.25" diameter pull-up bars. It is an excellent way to train grip strength and challenge your typical pull-up routine. Additionally, the Double X-Bar can be used as a shelf. 


(1) CrossBox Safe Spotter Arms, Pair

Make safety a top priority with these heavy gauge, steel tube spotter arms from Northern Lights. These specialized arms can be quickly attached to any Northern Lights squat stand or cross box units.


(1) Bar Holder J-Hooks, Pair

The Northern Lights CrossBox J-hooks are a solid choice for use with any Northern Lights CrossBox rig. The j-hooks make changing exercises or adding weights quicker and easier. They are heavy duty and fit securely in place so you can focus on your workout without having to worry about hook slippage or movement.


Important: Northern Lights CrossBox Rigs must be bolted to the floor and attached to the wall [when applicable], and should only be mounted into solid wood studs or concrete. Metal studs or drywall are NOT recommended for this set-up.

*Wall and floor mounting hardware not included. Plates, bars, balls, dumbbells, and accessories not included.




Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty against broken welds and manufacturing defects.

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