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Develop explosive power and strength in lower and upper body with the Water filled Power Log Bags. The power logs can be used to create a variety of functional workouts that include cleans, overhead presses, weighted lunges or squats, and rotational pulls. The power logs come un-filled and are encased in a durable and easy to clean vinyl shell, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor fitness application. The water power logs feature large and comfortable handles that allow for an enhanced workout experience.  Additionally, water filled bags create less mess and are easier to fill and empty than the standard sand alternative bags. 

Health Benefits 

Adding power log exercises to your current training program will target and challenge muscles that you thought you never had. Since the power logs do not have a fixed or rigid shape, the logs allow for increased muscle recruitment and motor control. It will target stabilizer muscles, core muscles and much more. This multipurpose fitness tool is ideal for all types of agility, strength and endurance training.


Add Water and Workout

Simplicity and hardwork is the recipe to success. Simply add water, twist the cap on and start your workout. It's as easy as that. With water there is no messy bits you need to clean up after. Allowing you to start your fitness regimen quickly.  The two part water enclosure ensures a solid seal, so you can workout worry free. We have the simple part covered, the hardwork is up to you! 





  • Two-step water enclosure
  • Water filled
  • Large and comfortable handles
  • Maximum weight: 36lbs fully filled
  • 31" x 6.25" (Filled)
  • Handles: 7.25" x 2"

Please note: Bags do not come pre-filled


90 days on manufacturers defects

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Northern Lights Power Log Bag, Water Filled, 36 lb, Red


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