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Plyometrics boxes are an excellent way for athletes to increase and develop their jumping, sprinting and explosive power. These adjustable Plyometric Boxes adjusters are versatile and can meet the needs of every athlete, no matter what their level of competition. They are to be used in conjunction with any other Northern Lights wood plyo box adjusters and your choice or a rubber top or foam top.

Strong interlocking corner brackets

An up close look at the durable corner bracket of the Norther Lights Wooden Plyo Box. The box is fortified with steel interlocking corner brackets to withstand almost all and any punishment it receives during your workout sessions.The unique corner brackets are also what stacks the adjusters and tops. They fit into place like puzzle pieces for a secure and safe workout experience.

The 12" high plyo box adjusters is perfect for any user who wants to add height, and lots of it. They also come in a 6" and 3" high variation.

Health Benefits

Plyometrics are ideal for athletes and people looking to improve muscular power, speed and strength. Box jumps are one of the best exercises to incorporate all of those areas. Because box jumps require a huge amount of energy, they must utilize the entire body. Doing that causes the body to burn calories, which in turn promotes weight loss. At the same time, box jumps help tone and define your body through powerful and explosive workouts.


  • Plyo Boxes are made from 3/4” plywood
  • Top features a durable rubber surface
  • Strong interlocking corner brackets
  • Durable and impact absorbing



  • Plyo Boxes are made from 3/4” plywood.
  • Size: 24" x 24" x 12" Adjuster
  • Strong interlocking corner brackets
  • Durable and impact absorbing
  • Assembly required



One year on manufacturers defects

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