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The Northern Lights Lifting Platform provides a dedicated space for Olympic lifting. The insert is designed to fit inside a rack, cage or rig and allows for an easy transition from outside of the rack to the inside for the user. It also aids in making moving equipment, such as a bench with wheels, much more simple when using a lifting platform out of the rack. The 42" x 48.7" platform insert features a high-density rubber surface that aids in absorbing shock and will cause less wear and tear on your equipment. It also helps dampen sound and absorbing vibration as you workout.

Frameless Interlocking Design

Unlike traditional platforms, the Northern Lights Lighting Platform is pieced together using  interlocking tiles which eliminates the need for a frame and creates a seamless design. Eliminating the frame allows for a cost effective lifting platform and a slimmer step on height.


Texture Detail

An up close look at the texture of the Lifting Platform.





  • Virtually seamless interlocking style
  • Greatly reduces vibrations that may cause wear to your valuable equipment
  • Frameless design
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Note: Plates, bar, and collars sold separately


  • Virtually seamless interlocking style
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Includes:
    • 2 x Interlocking Platform Pieces
  • Total Area Covered - 42" x 48.7" x 3/4" thick 


90 day warranty on manufactures defects

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