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Street Strider Eclipse

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ManufacturerStreet Strider
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The New Way to Exercise....

The StreetStrider, the world’s first indoor/outdoor elliptical cross trainer, will change the way you exercise forever! You will actually look forward to your workouts! The StreetStrider gives you the combined benefits of jogging, skiing and cycling, but without the physical stress on your body. In just minutes a day, you get an exhilarating low impact workout that tones, shapes and sculpts your entire body while burning up to 1,000 calories an hour. The American Council on Exercise says the StreetStrider “is one exercise product that lives up to it’s billing.”


Benefits of StreetStriding:
  • Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Workout
  • Builds Muscle
  • Burns 1,000+ Calories an Hour
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Low Joint Impact
  • Weight Bearing
  • Natural Upright Posture
  • Green Transportation
  • Fun For The Whole Family



The 3-wheel design is safe, stable and simple to balance while striding. The intuitive lean-to-steer system works with the body’s natural movements to provide complete control while also engaging your core muscles, something that stationary indoor ellipticals cannot do. Carving down the street is a blast, and your core gets an intense workout the entire time. People describe StreetStriding as skiing down the street and running on air.



  • 250 lb Weight Capacity
  • Revolutionary Chainless Single Speed Hartmann Hub
  • Rear Caliper Brake
  • Stable 3-Wheel Platform
  • Intuitive Lean-To-Steer System
  • Reciprocating Arm levers for Upper Body Workout
  • Quick-Release Adjustable Arm Lever Positioning for Rider Comfort
  • Extended Foot Platforms for Optimal Foot Placement
  • Elliptical Foot Path for Lower Body Workout
  • Quick-Release Fold Mechanism with Telescoping Right Strider Ski for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Water Bottle Cage
  • Available Color: Apple Red
  • Optional Roll-on Hitch Rack for Transportation



Product Highlights

ManufacturerStreet Strider
Country of Origin

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