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The Aqua Punching Bag is the hidden gem of the boxing world. If you're looking to increase the power of your punch, enhancing your cardio, or even aiming to get in a full body workout, then this is the perfect solution.

The Aqua Training Bag's unique shell design and water filling provides a sensation similar to making contact with the human body when striking it. Your energy is absorbed into its internal housing, allowing you to train longer and harder with more powerful combinations. Now you can learn how to punch through an object instead of simply hitting its surface.

Versatility is key. The unique tear-drop shape allows the user to deliver powerful combinations including deep uppercuts. The Aqua Training Bag is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Having this flexibility allows the user to expand their gym to the outdoors.

  • Durable surface designed to last for years
  • Designed to mimic the human body
  • H2O filled, making impacts easier on joints
  • Perfect for practicing power punching or kicking combinations
  • 190lbs at full weight
  • Colour - Blue Swirl


  • 190lbs at full weight
  • Colour - Blue Swirl


2 years on manufacturers defects

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