Northern Lights 310lb Olympic Rubber Set


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ManufacturerNorthern Lights
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This simple package includes everything you need to start a strength training regimen this week. The 310 LBS Olympic Rubber Set pairs a 700lb tested bar (complete with dual knurl marks for Powerlifting) with a 265lb set of plates (2" center hole diameter ) and a set of collars.

7ft Olympic Bar

The Olympic 700 Lb tested bar features a 28mm grip diameter and powerlifting knurling marks. The bar includes high quality bronze bushings for a reliable spin and 2" plate sleeves. It weighs in at 44lbs.


265lbs of Rubber Olympic Plates

Olympic rubber coated plates with a 2" center hole diameter.

The set includes:

  • 2 x 2.5LB
  • 2 x 5LB
  • 4 x 10LB
  • 2 x 25LB
  • 2 x 35LB
  • 2 x 45LB



Hex Lock Olympic Collars - Pair

he Hex Lock Olympic Collars are innovatively crafted with superior durability and top tier performance. They sport a solid nylon frame that is durable, lightweight, and easy to use. The Hex Lock Olympic Collars excellent construction ensures you’re using the absolute best collar on the market, keeping you safe.

The collar itself features a quick and easy one-hand installation using it's snap-in locking latch. It allows anyone using the collar to swap out the collar with ease! It securely fits all 2" Olympic barbell sleeves.

Product Highlights

ManufacturerNorthern Lights
Country of Origin

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