Northern Lights Adjustable Chrome Kettle Bell Handle


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ManufacturerNorthern Lights
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This Adjustable Chrome Kettlebell Handle is a perfect fit for the home or smaller workout areas. Not only is it a big space saver, but it is also very easy to transport and set up. The set up of the Adjustable Kettlebell is very simple: weight plates are attached to the kettlebell base (weight plates with a hole of 30mm), then the weight plates are locked in place with screw caps on the kettlebell.

Health Benefits

Kettlebells combine “cardio” and “strength” training to make its own unique exercise. The workout benefits include strength and cardio training, flexibility training, full-body conditioning and improving range of motion. Kettlebells are also fantastic for burning calories and fat. Because it is strength training workout, it can create dense muscle mass, which burns calories from fat stores all day long while increasing your resting metabolism. Finally, combine that with the fat burning effects whole-body workouts and complex movements. There is no better way to burn fat.


  • Space saving design
  • Easy to use
  • 11lb handle
  • Safely holds two regular steel weight plates* per side on the 7" bar Includes:
    • 1 x Chrome Handle Base
    • 1 x 6" Threaded Bar
    • 1 x 7" Threaded Bar
    • 2 x Screw Caps

*Weight plates sold seperately


90 days on manufacturers defects

Product Highlights

ManufacturerNorthern Lights
Country of Origin

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