Northern Lights Deluxe Contoured AB Wheel

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ManufacturerNorthern Lights
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Get an intense ab workout at home or at the gym with the Deluxe Contoured AB Wheel. It's internal engine turbo-charges your workout by providing resistance as you roll it away and assistance on the way back up. This motion works on strengthening and toning your core, as well as the muscles in your arms. And nothing looks better than a defined and stronger midsection.

The Deluxe Contoured AB Wheel features an ultra-wide wheel and performance grips that offer stability and safety as you perform your exercise routines.


  • Internal resistance engine turbo-charges abdominal and arm workouts with resistance
  • Ultra-wide Wheel Stabilizes movement to move left, right and center
  • Performance Grips - Rubberized, non-slip ergonomic grips for stability control
  • Foam Knee Pad High-density foam for superior comfort
  • Challenge your core, obliques and glutes


90 day warranty on manufacturers defects

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Product Highlights

ManufacturerNorthern Lights
Country of Origin

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